About Your Account at Atlanta Web Design GA LLC

Unlike many web designers and developers, we believe you as our client should own your own domain names, web hosting account, and have complete access to all the necessary passwords and information needed to continue operatin-g your web site in the event you no longer work with Atlanta Web Design GA LLC. Perhaps this honest policy is why we rarely lose a client.

We build our websites at either Google Cloud or GoDaddy. You pay them direct in the account we created for you.
Click a button below to renew hosting or domains.
You will need to know your user name/email and password. If you unsure, contact us.

Here’s what you need to know…

You will need to access your account periodically to pay your annual bill for domains and hosting. If you have a credit card on file, your domain name and hosting can renew automatically when they expire, providing the card has not expired.

When your services are close to expiration, you’ll receive renewal emails on behalf of Atlanta Web Design GA LLC from Google Cloud or GoDaddy, unless you had already established an account with another vendor and we built your site on hosting of your choice.

Beware of Scams

Please beware, there are many scams running through email or postal mail where you receive an official-looking notice from “Domain Registry” or “Domains of America” etc. requesting payment because your domain is expiring, or payment to keep you showing in Google Search. These are fake because the firm asking you for money has nothing to do with your real accounts. If you read the fine print, you’ll see paying these notices may actually cause your domain to be registered by a new firm or even cause you to lose your ownership of your domain.

Your Account Passwords and Credentials

Your web server requires many passwords and settings, and Atlanta Web Design GA LLC keeps an account cheat sheet showing all the important information needed to operate your server and software. You may get the current copy of that sheet by submitting a support request.

Most of your web site registrations for software and services require us to provide an email address, and we usually create a special @gmail.com address for your web site, described in your account cheat sheet. Some of the services that use this email address are:

  • Domain name registration
  • Google Analytics showing your web visitor reports
  • Google Search Console showing how Google is reviewing your web site to include in the search engine
  • Google My Business listing for your business; Apply Maps; Yahoo Maps; Microsoft Bing maps
  • Registrations for any software running on your server

If we established email service @yourdomainname.com we usually use a Google G-Suite mail server, and access to administer that mail server is described in your account cheat sheet.