These tools help you define the website colors, web design style, and photos you prefer. Please read each of these sections and then send us your ideas
    so we can design your site.

    Web Color Palettes

    Either send us a URL to any website that has colors you like, or click on the color tools listed and pick a color palette.

  • Color Explorer – the best site with tools to create web compatible color palettes. Watch
    the “Getting Started” video to learn how to use the site.
  • Color Blender – Enter one color and get a palette of 6 compatible colors. To use: Below the
    6 black boxes, move the red, green, and blue sliders to adjust colors. When you find a palette you like, send us the numbers for red, green, blue
    and we’ll reproduce it.
  • Kuler – Color palettes suggested by web designers, searchable by themes. Search for “spa” and
    get color schemes for spas. When you see one you like, click it to find the theme ID number and send us that.
  • Photo Palette Generator – Upload a photo and get the palette of colors
    in your photo. Works great when you have a main photo on your web page header and you want all page graphics to match the photos colors.
  • Type Fonts

  • Google Font Directory – In May 2010 Google revealed
    a new idea where Google provides FREE online fonts that web browsers can render, even if the fonts aren’t installed on users PCs. They are served
    in real time from Google servers. You can choose any Google Font for use in your web design project.
  • Web Design Style & Templates

    Define the style you like for your website by sending us the URL to any website you admire, or browse different styles using the links below. (If
    you see a template style you like, send us the site and template name and we’ll design something similar in your chosen color palette. If you wish
    to use the exact template found below, that requires putting a small link on the bottom of your home page to the site providing the free template.)

  • Free CSS Templates – You can view more than 100 web page designs here.
    Some are sedate and professional.
  • CSS Zen Garden – These are very artsy and creative designs.
  • Open Source Web Design – More than 2000 web design templates.
  • Theme Forest – Inexpensive templates created by budding web designers. Some are nice!
  • Free Templates Online – Commercial web page designs with graphics and photos, not
    all free, but categorized by type of business.
  • Stock Photos

  • Microsoft Clip Artfree photos downloadable to owners of
    Microsoft Office. Click to right of search button to select photos only (rather than clip art)
  • Deposit Photos – Inexpensive professional photos, usually cost $1 to $2 each. Try here first.
  • StockFresh – Professional photos, about $2 to $3 each.
  • IStock Photo – Professional photos available for fee, about $10 a photo. Very
  • Getty Images – Largest supplier of stock photos available for a fee, usually about $50 a photo.
  • What Google Knows About You

  • Google – Enter in the Google search box, and you’ll get links that can
    show: 1) What Google has for the description for your site; 2) What pages on your site Google has included in search results; 3) Other sites who
    link to your domain name. (Keep in mind it takes weeks after changes are made before they will show up in the main Google index. It isn’t updated