Retail shop web site

Why do few people visit your retail store’s website?

The reason we often find: Your online store fails when the web design just describes your physical storefront.
Secret #1: Design your website to fit the way Atlanta surfs the web, not reflect how your real store looks. An example makes things clear…
Ms. J has a website for Atlanta Specialty Foods. We analyze Ms. J’s web site design to learn why it isn’t found when Atlanta surfers search Google.
When counting the keywords the old web design has, we learn “specialty foods” is the big buzzword. Therein is the problem! We should be using “gourmet foods” because here’s how many people searched Google last month:

Keyword Google
gourmet foods 301,000
specialty foods 40,500

Secret #2: Feature the most popular keywords for your retail store in the web design.
Secret #3: Surfers include “Atlanta” when searching for local retailers. So “Atlanta Gourmet Foods” is the keyword phrase our web design must feature. In fact, we need the word Atlanta to appear often in web site copy in order to rank highest in Google search results.
Secret #4: We’d catch even more Google searchers if we focus web design on gourmet food products, rather than the overall store:

Keyword Google
Atlanta coffee 12,100
Atlanta chocolate 3,600
Atlanta cheese 1,800
Atlanta gift basket 910
Atlanta gourmet foods 320
Atlanta specialty foods 73

“Atlanta Coffee” is searched often, and Ms. J confirms that her rare gourmet coffees are a main reason people visit her store. To be top-ranked for Google search “Atlanta coffee” our new web design needs an entire page devoted to coffee. We also need web pages focused on: “Atlanta chocolate,” Atlanta Cheese,” and “Atlanta gift basket.” By buying more domain names for $10 like “” and “” we can put up small specialty sites that catch more shoppers and route them to our main site.
This overcomes the problem that Ms. J’s old home page has: it has a home page that tries to describe so many food products on one page that none stand out. Google won’t rank a page high on “coffee” if it only mentions it a few times, but when the entire page or web site mentions only coffee and often, it can be top-ranked.
Secret #5: One keyword, one page.
Our retail web designs feature specific pages for the keyword “drivers” that bring online customers in. When you work together with Atlanta Web Design GA, we create your pages after we research hundreds of keywords to discover those your web design must emphasize. Please read more about our web design process. Then email us to get a free consultation at your office.
Keeping Web Design Costs Low
We create successful retail web sites for $600 to $1500, the average is about $800.
Operating your website costs $48 a year for web hosting. Unlike some web design firms, Atlanta Web Design GA doesn’t charge any monthly fee for using our web design. We even make quick changes and updates for free.